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    It gets tougher all the time being in business in today's economy!

    Where can a business owner doing $100,000 to 10 million in yearly sales get the kind of affordable help that they need to help them prosper? Please take a moment and take the Great American Small Business Test to determine if your accounting firm is giving you the kind of help that business owners need in today's business environment and to prosper.

    1.       Do you feel your accountant is an expense to your business rather than an investment?

    2.       Do you feel that your accountant is not regularly communicating with you to advise you on little known but readily available information on how to keep you and your business ahead of your competitors?

    3.       Do you feel that your accountant is not helping your business by not telling you how to get what you want for your business and your family?

    4.       Does your accountant wait until the end of the year to do any tax planning with you to help you minimize your taxes?

    5.       Do you feel that your accountant is not helping your business by not telling you how to put more $$$ in your pocket with little known business concepts?

    6.       Do you feel your accountant is not helping your business by not telling you how to take advantage of perfectly legal tax strategies that the IRS would rather you not know?

    7.       Do you feel you are not receiving sufficient business advice from your accountant on your business operations?

    8.       Do you feel that your accountant does not really care about your business needs, just the numbers?

    9.       Has your business outgrown what your bookkeeping / accounting service can offer?

    10.    Is your accountant having you prepare your own payroll checks and bank reconciliations?

    11.    Have you ever been penalized for payroll tax violations?

    12.    Are your tax returns consistently filed late or extended by your accountant?

    13.    Is your accountant not communicating your present condition to you to help you have a better understanding of where you and your business are heading?

    If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you are NOT receiving everything that you should be receiving from your current accounting relationship. .  If you are an open-minded business owner that wants to see if your business is being all it can be, then set up a 30-minute business meeting with one of our consultants.


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